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现阶段,我们一方面希望通过多年在行业的积累和深耕细作, 解决人才的需求矛盾;另一方面建立人和人之间的自然联系, 让人和公司、公司和公司、甲方和乙方之间建立起平等的对话机制,实现跨领域的互动和交流。

iDesigner's early company was born in 2010, specializes in headhunting services in the field of architectural design and real-estate. It mainly serves the world-renowned foreign design firms. In 2015, iDesigner emerged in the background of the transformation of the real estate and design industries. From 2016 to 2017, it leaded media and several marketing activities and quickly became influential; in 2018, it launches the online recruitment platform to fullfill the requirements of more companies and talents.

We hope to solve the contradiction of talent demand based on our solid recruitment experience in the industry; on the other hand, to establish the natural connection between people, people and companies, companies and companies, Party A and Party B for an equal dialogue mechanism to achieve cross-domain interaction and exchange.


【猎】Lead Architect (Mixed-use, Potential Partner) 500K-800K 8-15年经验 英语熟练 中国上海 2019-03-18
【猎】Project Manager (Arch, Public Building) 面议 5-10年经验 英语熟练 中国深圳 2019-03-18
【猎】Design Architect for a global design firm 面议 5-10年经验 英语熟练 中国北京 2019-03-18
Senior Interior Designer (Retail) 300K-500K 5-10年经验 英语熟练 中国上海 2019-03-18
【猎】Senior Architect for a world top design firm 面议 5-10年经验 英语熟练 中国上海 2019-03-18
【猎】Principal/Senior Principle (Urban Design) 面议 10-25年经验 英语熟练 中国北京 2019-03-18
【猎】Managing Director (Architecture) 面议 15年以上经验 英语熟练 中国深圳 2019-03-18
【猎】(Senior) BD Manager for global top design firms 面议 6-15年经验 英语熟练 中国上海 2019-03-18

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